Last week I shared about how God spoke encouragement to my weary heart from a song I played for my daughter. Today, I want to encourage the mama who thinks she isn’t doing that great and doesn’t know how she’s going to keep going.

The song was Elton John’s I’m Still Standing, as sung in the movie Sing.

I’m still standin’

Better than I ever did.

Lookin’ like a true survivor

Feelin’ like a little kid.

I’m still standin’, yeah, yeah, yeah.

It moved me to tears because God pointed out I was still standing. But there are days I feel like maybe I’m stumbling. Maybe I’m not doing my best. Maybe I’m not doing the job of mothering and caring for my home with the excellence my kids deserve.

Days when dinner is a thrown-together mess of processed food.

Days when I notice the dirty smudges on a white wall I’ve wanted to paint for three years now but can’t seem to find the time or energy.

Days when little projects all come to my mind and I just don’t know where to start.

Days when my kids struggle—of course all on the same days—and I feel so overwhelmed I cry.

These are the days, like the song says, that I may look like a true survivor, but I feel like a little kid. And that brings me to the second reason this scene from the movie touched my heart: the image of the father running to support his son.

In the movie, the dad is a career criminal but his son disappoints him by announcing he wants to be a musician. When the dad sees his son on TV, singing with amazing talent, pride overwhelms him and he breaks out of jail simply to run to his son and show him he loves him.

Now the analo

gy doesn’t fully play out with God. He’s not a criminal behind bars, obviously. But the image of this dad letting nothing stop him from running to support his son does. This image is played out in a story Jesus shared: The Prodigal Son. In the story, when the father sees his wayward son a long way off walking towards home, he doesn’t wait for him to come apologize. He doesn’t stand still. He RUNS to him.

Today if you are feeling that you just can’t take another step, can I encourage you with the image of a loving father who runs to his children in need with unconditional love? God loves you. He promises to provide for us. He offers wisdom to anyone who asks. He offers to carry our burdens when they are just too much. “Come to me, all of you who are tired and have heavy loads, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 NCV

Take all the heavy, hard stuff you are managing as a single parent and ask him to lift it. Ask for him to provide when you can see no way to provide for a need. Ask him to give you wisdom when you have no clue what to do with a troubled kid. Ask him for energy to do what needs to be done and freedom to let the rest go. Ask him to run to you and watch what happens. God can be trusted.

Do you have an example of God helping you take one more step forward when you thought you couldn’t? I’d love to hear it in the comments.

In case you missed the clip from the song last week, here’s a link.

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  1. Tammy Herzog November 16, 2017 at 8:42 am

    Thank you so much – these are the words I have been needing and wanting to hear the past few days. We are entering our ‘first’ holiday season since my husband passed unexpectedly, it is hard on all of us. I pray that we will each have our different difficult day but that is not something we have control over.

    • Jenn Buell November 17, 2017 at 8:27 am

      Oh my sweet friend. Those first milestones are hard. May God’s presence help you keep standing. May you give yourself grace to feel what you need to feel. And may the joy of the Lord seep into the moments of sadness in meaningful ways. I’m glad my words encouraged. you.